A Horrible Crime of Murder: Life and Death in 19th Century Hunslet

The bare bones of the talk given by Andrea Hetherington on 5 November 2022 were that a
youth called Thomas Malkin murdered a girl, Esther Inman, on 8 October 1848. He went
through the due process of law, was found guilty at York Assizes on 20 December 1848, and
was hanged publicly in the city on 6 January 1849. This brief summary does not convey the
drama, the strength of feelings aroused, or the issues discussed as a result. Andrea gave a
clear, well-informed and gripping account of the whole episode. Using her knowledge of the
current criminal justice system in this country operates she was able to demonstrate clearly
how the process in Victorian England compared.
Our thanks to Andrea Hetherington. Report by David Laine

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