New Publications

New Publications
Last updated 18 November 2022

Here you can see at a glance all new publications which we at Wakefield and District FHS have added to our collection recently.
Watch this space to see all the latest publications as soon as they have been printed

Feb 2021V45Hemsworth St Helen’s Burials 1813 – 18624.00
Feb 2021V46Hemsworth St Helen’s Burials 1862 – 18884.00
Feb 2021V47Warmfield St Peter’s Marriages and Banns 1811-18373.50
Feb 2021E40Horbury House of Mercy Log Book extracts 1908-19143.50
Feb 2021E41Horbury House of Mercy Log Book extracts 1914 – 19172.50
May 2021E42Queen Elizabeth Grammar School Wakefield. History and People 1591 - 18912.50
Aug 2021V48Wakefield Cathedral. Baptisms. 1746 - 17522.00
Aug 2021V49Wakefield Cathedral. Baptisms. 1752 - 17583.50
Aug 2021V50Wakefield Cathedral. Baptisms. 1758 - 17843.50
Aug 2021G18Wakefield Westgate Unitarian Memorial Inscriptions3.00

1841 Census

1841 Census
C651841 Census Ackton Featherstone Purston Jaglin and Whitwood£3.00
C631841 Census Ackworth & Ackworth School£3.00
C641841 Census Altofts Normanton and Snydale£2.50
C411841 Census Alverthorpe with Thornes (A to K)£2.50
C421841 Census Alverthorpe with Thornes (L to Z)£3.00
C681841 Census Badsworth Carlton Darrington East Hardwick Stapleton Thorp Audlin & Upton£3.00
C581841 Census Bretton & Crigglestone£2.50
C671841 Census Castleford & Glasshoughton£3.00
C601841 Census Chevet Notton & Woolley£2.50
C571841 Census Crofton Sandal & Walton£2.00
C611841 Census Felkirk Hiendley Havercroft Ryhill Wintersett Wragby£2.50
C661841 Census Ferrybridge & Ferry Fryston£2.50
C591841 Census Flockton & Shitlington£2.50
C621841 Census Foulby Nostell Hessle Hilltop West Hardwick£1.50
C721841 Census Hemsworth£3.00
C431841 Census Horbury£3.00
C701841 Census Knottingley (A to J) & Workhouse£2.50
C711841 Census Knottingley (K to Z) & Workhouse£3.00
C691841 Census North & South Elmsall South Kirkby & Skelbrook£2.50
C551841 Census Ossett with Gawthorpe (A to L)£2.00
C561841 Census Ossett with Gawthorpe (M to Z)£1.50
C541841 Census Sharlston Warmfield Heath and Agbrigg£1.50
C511841 Census Stanley with Wrenthorpe (A to F)£2.00
C521841 Census Stanley with Wrenthorpe (G to O)£2.00
C531841 Census Stanley with Wrenthorpe (P to Z)£2.00
C501841 Census Wakefield (Asylum Workhouse and Prison)£1.50
C441841 Census Wakefield City (A to B)£2.00
C451841 Census Wakefield City (C to F)£2.50
C461841 Census Wakefield City (G to I)£2.00
C471841 Census Wakefield City (J to O)£2.50
C481841 Census Wakefield City (P to S)£2.50
C491841 Census Wakefield City (T to Z)£2.00

1851 Census

1851 Census
C091851 Census Ackworth & Ackworth (Quaker) School£2.50
C171851 Census Aketon Featherstone Purston Jaglin & Whitwood£2.50
C251851 Census Altofts Normanton & Snydale£2.50
C101851 Census Alverthorpe with Thornes (A to G)£2.50
C111851 Census Alverthorpe with Thornes (H to 0)£2.50
C121851 Census Alverthorpe with Thornes (P to Z)£2.50
C131851 Census Badsworth Darrington Thorp Audlin and Upton£2.50
C141851 Census Castleford & Glass Houghton£2.50
C321851 Census Chevet West Bretton Notton & Woolley£2.50
C151851 Census Crigglestone£2.50
C161851 Census Crofton Heath Sharlston & Warmfield£2.50
C181851 Census Felkirk Cold Hiendley South Hiendley Havercroft Ryhill Wintersett£2.50
C191851 Census Ferrybridge & Ferry Fryston£2.50
C201851 Census Hemsworth£2.50
C211851 Census Horbury (A to He)£2.50
C221851 Census Horbury (Hi to Z) 1851 Census£2.50
C231851 Census Knottingley (A to J)£2.50
C241851 Census Knottingley (K to Z)£2.50
C391851 Census Middlestown Midgley Netherton & Overton£2.50
C341851 Census North Elmsall South Elmsall & South Kirkby£2.50
C261851 Census Ossett with Gawthorpe (A to G)£2.50
C271851 Census Ossett with Gawthorpe (H to P)£2.50
C281851 Census Ossett with Gawthorpe (Q to Z)£2.50
C291851 Census Pontefract Carleton & East Hardwick (A to F)£2.50
C301851 Census Pontefract Carleton & East Hardwick (G to O)£2.50
C311851 Census Pontefract Carleton & East Hardwick (P to Z)£2.50
C331851 Census Sandal Magna & Walton£2.50
C351851 Census Stanley with Wrenthorpe (A to C)£2.50
C361851 Census Stanley with Wrenthorpe (D to H)£2.50
C371851 Census Stanley with Wrenthorpe (I to R)£2.50
C381851 Census Stanley with Wrenthorpe (S to Z)£2.50
C011851 Census Wakefield (A to B)£2.50
C021851 Census Wakefield (C to E)£2.50
C031851 Census Wakefield (F to He)£2.50
C041851 Census Wakefield (Hi to L)£2.50
C051851 Census Wakefield (M to P)£2.50
C061851 Census Wakefield (Q to S)£2.50
C071851 Census Wakefield (T to Z)£2.50
C081851 Census Wakefield Prison and West Riding House of Correction£2.50
C401851 Census Wragby West Hardwick and Foulby with Nostell£2.50

1861 Census

1861 Census
C 731861 Census Ossett with Gawthorpe (A - C)£2.50
C 741861 Census Ossett with Gawthorpe (D - G)£2.50
C 751861 Census Ossett with Gawthorpe (H - L)£2.50
C 761861 Census Ossett with Gawthorpe (M - P)£2.50
C 771861 Census Ossett with Gawthorpe (Q - S)£2.50
C 781861 Census Ossett with Gawthorpe (T - Z)£2.50
C 791861 Census Horbury (A - F)£2.00
C 801861 Census Horbury (G - O)£2.00
C 811861 Census Horbury (P - Z)£2.00

1813 - 1837 Marriage Index

1813 – 1837 Marriage Index
M01Ackworth Marriage Index 1813 - 1837£1.00
M02Badsworth Marriage Index 1813 - 1837£1.00
M03Castleford Marriage Index 1813 - 1837£1.00
M04Crofton Marriage Index 1813 - 1837£1.00
M05Darrington Marriage Index 1813 - 1837£1.00
M06Dewsbury (A to J) Marriage Index 1813 - 1837£3.00
M07Dewsbury (K to Z) Marriage Index 1813 - 1837£3.00
M08Featherstone Marriage Index 1813 - 1837£1.00
M09Felkirk Marriage Index 1813 - 1837£1.00
M10Ferry Fryston Marriage Index 1813 - 1837£1.00
M11Hemsworth Marriage Index 1813 - 1837£1.00
M12Horbury Marriage Index 1813 - 1837£1.00
M13Knottingley Marriage Index 1813 - 1837£1.00
M14Normanton Marriage Index 1813 - 1837£1.00
M15Pontefract (A to J) Marriage Index 1813 - 1837£2.00
M16Pontefract (K to Z) Marriage Index 1813 - 1837£2.00
M17Royston Marriage Index 1813 - 1837£1.50
M18Sandal Magna Marriage Index 1813 - 1837£2.00
M19South Kirkby Marriage Index 1813 - 1837£1.00
M20Thornhill (A to J) Marriage Index 1813 - 1837£1.50
M21Thornhill (K to Z) Marriage Index 1813 - 1837£1.50
M22Wakefield All Saints (A to J) Marriage Index 1813 - 1837£3.00
M23Wakefield All Saints (K to Z) Marriage Index 1813 - 1837£3.00
M24Wakefield St John (A to J) Marriage Index 1813 - 1837£3.00
M25Wakefield St John (K to Z) Marriage Index 1813 - 1837£3.00
M26Warmfield Marriage Index 1813 - 1837£1.00
M27Woolley Marriage Index 1813 - 1837£1.00
M28Wragby Marriage Index 1813 - 1837£1.00
M29Stanley Marriage Index 1832 - 1837£1.00

BMDs Wakefield Express

Births, Marriages & Deaths from The Wakefield Express 1890 – 1899
W01Births (A to Z) Wakefield Express 1890 - 1899£0.50
W02Marriages (A to F) Wakefield Express 1890 - 1899£2.50
W03Marriages (G to O) Wakefield Express 1890 - 1899£2.50
W04Marriages (P to Z) Wakefield Express 1890 - 1899£2.50
W05Deaths (A to D) Wakefield Express 1890 - 1899£2.50
W06Deaths (E to K) Wakefield Express 1890 - 1899£2.50
W07Deaths (L to R) Wakefield Express 1890 - 1899£2.50
W08Deaths (S to Z) Wakefield Express 1890 - 1899£2.50

Births, Marriages & Deaths 1914 - 1918

Births, Marriages & Deaths from The Wakefield Express 1914 – 1918
Births Marriages and Deaths from the Wakefield Express 1914 – 1918. The Deaths during this period are of particular interest to the Family Historian. In addition to showing the names of persons who died in the Wakefield area they also list men from our District who lost their lives in the Great War. These men are either listed as KIA (killed in action) or DFW (died from wounds)
W09Births (A to Z) and Marriages (A to J) Wakefield Express 1914 - 1918£2.50
W10Births (A to Z) and Marriages (K to Z) Wakefield Express 1914 - 1918£2.50
W11Deaths (A to C) Wakefield Express 1914 - 1918£3.00
W12Deaths (D to H) Wakefield Express 1914 - 1918£3.00
W13Deaths (I to O) Wakefield Express 1914 - 1918£2.50
W14Deaths (P to S) Wakefield Express 1914 - 1918£2.50
W15Deaths (T to Z) Wakefield Express 1914 - 1918£2.00

Parish Records A-G

Parish Records & Church Registers A to G
Ackworth St. Cuthbert's Parish Records
P28Ackworth Baptisms Marriages & Burials 1687-1744£2.50
P29Ackworth Baptisms Marriages & Burials 1744-1788£3.00
P30Ackworth Baptisms & Burials 1789-812£2.00
P31Ackworth Banns & Marriages 1789-1812£1.50
Alverthorpe St. Paul's (Wakefield) Parish Records
R38Alverthorpe Baptisms 1825-1853£2.50
S55Alverthorpe Baptisms 1853-1871 (A to J)£2.00
S56Alverthorpe Baptisms 1853-1871 (K to Z)£2.00
S36Alverthorpe Baptisms 1871-1901 (A to K)£2.50
S37Alverthorpe Baptisms 1871-1901 (L to Z)£2.50
R39Alverthorpe Burials 1825-1863£2.00
T07AlverthorpeBurials 1863-1876£2.50
T25Alverthorpe Burials 1876-1887£2.50
T26Alverthorpe Burials 1888-1896£2.50
T27Alverthorpe Burials 1897-1906£2.50
Bretton Chapel Church Records
T03Bretton Baptisms 1827-1910£2.00
Castleford Parish Records
P02Castleford Bishop's Transcripts 1601-1640 and 1661-1666£2.50
Chapelthorpe St. James Parish Records
T61Chapelthorpe Baptisms 1829-1852£2.50
T62Chapelthorpe Baptisms 1853-1868£2.50
T51Chapelthorpe Baptisms 1868-1888£2.50
T52Chapelthorpe Baptisms 1889-1912£2.50
Crofton All Saints Parish Records
R13Crofton Baptisms Marriages & Burials 1615-1657£2.50
R14Crofton Baptisms Marriages & Burials 1657-1689£2.00
T89Crofton Baptisms 1813-1868£2.00
T98Crofton Baptisms 1868-1899£2.00
T99Crofton Baptisms 1900-1909£2.00
V03Crofton Burials 1813-1886£2.00
V05Crofton Burials 1886-1926£2.50
V06Crofton Burials 1927-1963£2.50
Dewsbury All Saints Parish Records
P58Dewsbury Baptisms 1813-1819£3.00
P59Dewsbury Marriages 1918-1923£2.50
Featherstone All Saints Parish Records
P34Featherstone Baptisms Marriages and Burials 1654-1709£3.00
P35Featherstone Baptisms Marriages and Burials 1709-1777£3.00
P17Featherstone Births Baptisms Deaths & Burials 1777-1812£2.50
P14Featherstone Burials 1813-1861£2.00
P15Featherstone Burials 1861-1875£2.00
P16Featherstone Burials 1875-1952£3.00
Felkirk St. Peter's Parish Records
R77Felkirk Bishop's Transcripts 1598-1634£2.50
R78Felkirk Bishop's Transcripts 1635-1677£2.50
R79Felkirk Bishop's Transcripts 1682-1706£2.50
Baptisms at Felkirk St. Peters
T72Felkirk Baptisms 1796-1812£1.50
T79Felkirk Baptisms 1813-1850£2.50
T80Felkirk Baptisms 1856-1885£2.00
T81Felkirk Baptisms 1886-1897£2.00
T82Felkirk Baptisms 1898-1913£2.00
Burials at Felkirk St. Peters
T88Felkirk Burials 1796-1883£3.00
V19Felkirk Burials 1883-1908£2.50
V20Felkirk Burials 1909-1934£2.50
Flockton St. James the Great Parish Records
R97Flockton Baptisms 1813 - 1826 & 1857-1872£2.50
S83Flockton Burials 1813-1841£2.00
S95Flockton Burials 1842-1867£1.50
V27Flockton Burials 1868-1898£2.00
V28Flockton Burials 1899-1938£2.00
Gawthorpe St Mary's Parish Records
P73Gawthorpe Marriages 1901-1925£3.00

Parish Records H-O

Parish Records & Church Registers H to O
Hemsworth St Helen Parish Records
V30Hemsworth Baptisms 1813-1839£2.00
V38Hemsworth Baptisms 1899 - 1903£4.00
V43Hemsworth St Helen’s Baptisms 1903 – 1906£4.00
NEWV44Hemsworth St Helen’s Baptisms 1840 – 1869£4.00
NEWV45Hemsworth St Helen’s Burials 1813 – 1862£4.00
NEWV46Hemsworth St Helen’s Burials 1862 – 1888£4.00
Horbury St Peter and St Leonard Parish Records
R20Horbury St Peter and St Leonard Baptisms Marriages & Burials 1598 - 1641£2.50
R21Horbury St Peter and St Leonard Baptisms Marriages & Burials 1641-1656£2.00
R22Horbury St Peter and St Leonard Baptisms Marriages & Burials 1656-1671£2.50
R23Horbury St Peter and St Leonard Baptisms Marriages & Burials 1672-1689£2.50
R24Horbury St Peter and St Leonard Baptisms Marriages & Burials 1689-1711£2.50
R31Horbury St Peter and St Leonard Baptisms Marriages & Burials 1712-1735£2.50
R32Horbury St Peter and St Leonard Baptisms Marriages & Burials 1735-1751£2.00
R33Horbury St Peter and St Leonard Baptisms & Burials 1751 - 1767 Marriages 1751-1754£2.50
R08Horbury St Peter and St Leonard Marriages 1754-1812£2.50
R94Horbury St Peter and St Leonard Baptisms 1767-1805 (A to J)£1.50
R95Horbury St Peter and St Leonard Baptisms 1767-1805 (K to Z)£1.50
R96Horbury St Peter and St Leonard Burials 1767-1805£2.00
P87Horbury St Peter and St Leonard Baptisms & Burials 1805-1812£2.50
P88Horbury St Peter and St Leonard Baptisms 1813-1838 (A to J)£2.00
P89Horbury St Peter and St Leonard Baptisms 1813-1838 (K to Z)£1.50
P90Horbury St Peter and St Leonard Baptisms 1838-1860 (A to K)£2.00
P91Horbury St Peter and St Leonard Baptisms 1838-1860 (L to Z)£2.00
S42Horbury St Peter and St Leonard Baptisms 1860-1880 (A to F)£2.50
S43Horbury St Peter and St Leonard Baptisms 1860-1880 (G to N)£2.50
S44Horbury St Peter and St Leonard Baptisms 1860-1880 (O to Z)£2.50
S45Horbury St Peter and St Leonard Marriages 1837-1864£2.50
S46Horbury St Peter and St Leonard Marriages 1865-1877£2.50
R52Horbury St Peter and St Leonard Burials 1813-1857£2.50
T40Horbury St Peter and St Leonard Burials 1858-1876£2.50
T41Horbury St Peter and St Leonard Burials 1877-1892£2.50
T12Horbury St Peter and St Leonard Burials 1892-1902£2.00
T13Horbury St Peter and St Leonard Burials 1903-1920£2.00
Horbury Ebenezer (Primitive Methodist) Church Records
R48Horbury Ebenezer Baptisms 1862-1905£2.00
Horbury St Paul's & Highfield Chapel & United Methodist Free Church - Church Records
R73Horbury St. Paul's & Highfield Baptisms 1866-1939 & United Methodist 1900-1907£1.50
Horbury Bridge St John's Parish Records
R65Horbury Bridge Baptisms 1868 - 1884 & Marriages 1885-1925£2.50
Horbury Junction St Mary's Parish Records
S04Horbury Junction Baptisms 1890-1905£2.00
S10Horbury Junction Banns 1893-1912£2.00
R63Horbury Junction Marriages 1894-1913£2.50
R64Horbury Junction Marriages 1914-1925£2.00
Kirkhamgate Wakefield Wesleyan Methodist Chapel
V21Kirkhamgate Baptisms 1868-1937£1.50
Monk Bretton St. Pauls Parish Records
T46Monk Bretton St. Pauls Baptisms 1839-1854£2.50
T47Monk Bretton St. Pauls Baptisms 1855-1865£2.50
T48Monk Bretton St. Pauls Baptisms 1866-1874£2.50
V11Monk Bretton St. Pauls Baptisms 1875-1882£2.50
V12Monk Bretton St. Pauls Baptisms 1883-1891£2.50
V13Monk Bretton St. Pauls Baptisms 1891-1901£2.00
V14Monk Bretton St. Pauls Baptisms 1901-1911£2.00
V09Monk Bretton St. Pauls Burials 1839-1870£2.50
V10Monk Bretton St. Pauls Burials 1871-1925£2.50
Middlestown St Luke's Parish Records
T29Middlestown Baptisms 1877-1887£2.00
T30Middlestown Baptisms 1887-1911£2.50
Normanton All Saints Parish Records
P32Normanton Baptisms & Burials 1679-1742£3.00
P33Normanton Marriages 1679-1742£1.50
Ossett Christ Church (South Ossett) Parish Records
R59South Ossett Marriages 1851-1888£2.50
R60South Ossett Marriages 1889-1902£2.50
R61South Ossett Marriages 1903-1916£3.00
R62South Ossett Marriages 1917-1930£3.00
T14South Ossett Burials 1851-1879£2.50
T31South Ossett Burials 1879-1960£2.50
T53South Ossett Baptisms 1851-1861£2.00
Ossett Church Holy Trinity (Old Church to 1865) Parish Records
P24Ossett Holy Trinity Baptisms 1792-1813£2.50
P25Ossett Holy Trinity Baptisms 181 -1831£2.50
P67Ossett Holy Trinity Baptisms 1831-1855£2.50
S47Ossett Holy Trinity Baptisms 1855-1877£2.50
S57Ossett Holy Trinity Baptisms 1877-1893 (A to J)£2.50
S58Ossett Holy Trinity Baptisms 1877-1893 (K to Z)£2.50
S71Ossett Holy Trinity Baptisms 1893-1901£2.50
S72Ossett Holy Trinity Baptisms 1902-1910£2.50
R82Ossett Holy Trinity Marriages 1859-1884£2.50
R83Ossett Holy Trinity Marriages 1885-1893£2.50
R84Ossett Holy Trinity Marriages 1893-1898£2.50
R85Ossett Holy Trinity Marriages 1899-1906£2.50
S60Ossett Holy Trinity Marriages 1906-1913£2.50
S61Ossett Holy Trinity Marriages 1914-1921£2.50
P68Ossett Holy Trinity Burials 1861-1870£1.50
P72Ossett Holy Trinity Burials 1870-1891£2.50
R35Ossett Holy Trinity Burials 189 -1914 (A to K)£2.50
R36Ossett Holy Trinity Burials 1891-1914 (L to Z)£2.50
E38E38 Holy Trinity Ossett. Index of Grave Owners. 1876-1891£4.50
E39Holy Trinity Ossett. Index of Grave Owners. 1892-1907£4.50
Ossett Independent and Congregational - Church Records
P22Ossett Independent and Congregational Church Births and Baptisms 1746-1837£3.00
P23Ossett Independent and Congregational Church Burials 1746-1837£1.50
Ossett Wesley St. Chapel - Church Records
R30Ossett Wesley Street Baptisms 1795-1845£2.00
P94Ossett Wesley Street Marriages 1899-1929£2.50
Ossett Chapels (Church St. Dale St. Queen St. South Parade Trinity) - Church Records
R19Ossett Chapels Marriages 1899-1930£3.00
Ossett Chapels (Dewsbury Rd. Streetside Dewsbury Rd./Kingsway & Chickenley) - Church Records
S38Ossett Chapels Baptisms 1844-1907£2.00
Outwood St. Mary Magdalene Parish Records
P96Outwood Baptisms 1858-1882 (A to K)£2.50
P97Outwood Baptisms 1858-1882 (L to Z)£2.00
P98Outwood Baptisms 1882-1887£2.00
R68Outwood Baptisms 1887-1903 (A to J)£2.50
R69Outwood Baptisms 1887-1903 (K to Z)£2.00
S33Outwood Banns of Marriage 1896-1906£2.50
S34Outwood Banns of Marriage 1907-1915£2.50
S35Outwood Banns of Marriage 1916-1925£2.50
R86Outwood Marriages 1861-1876£2.50
R87Outwood Marriages 1877-1888£2.50
P99Outwood Burials 1860-1898£2.50
R45Outwood Burials 1898-1967£2.50

Parish Records P-T

Parish Records & Church Registers P to T
Pontefract St GilesParish Records
P03Pontefract St. Giles Baptisms Marriages & Burials 1647-1653£2.00
P04Pontefract St. Giles Baptisms Marriages & Burials 1653-1661£3.00
P05Pontefract St. Giles Baptisms Marriages & Burials 1661-1672£2.50
Pontefract St Joseph (Roman Catholic) Tanshelf & Halywalls - Church Records
P08Births Marriages Deaths 1787-1840 at Pontefract St. Joseph (Roman Catholic)£3.00
Wakefield and Districts Quakers Monthly Meetings - Records of Births Marriages and Burials
Quakers: Ackworth Meeting - Church Records Births and Burials at Ackworth Quakers
R09Ackworth Quakers Births 1825 - 1911 & Burials 1825-1907£2.50
Quakers: Wakefield Meeting - Church Records
R10Wakefield Quakers Births 1830 - 1907 & Burials 1828-1872£1.50
Quakers: Pontefract Monthly Meeting - Church Records
R11Pontefract Quakers Digest of Marriages 1650-1837£2.50
R12Pontefract Quakers Digest of Marriages 1837-1925£2.50
Royston St. John's Parish Records
T09Royston St. John's Baptisms 1813-1822£2.00
T10Royston St. John's Baptisms 1823-1831£2.00
S89Royston St. John's Baptisms 1831-1843£2.50
S90Royston St. John's Baptisms 1844-1868£2.50
S91Royston St. John's Baptisms 1868-1879£2.00
S92Royston St. John's Baptisms 1880-1891£2.00
T11Royston St. John's Baptisms 1891 -1903£2.50
T33Royston St. John's Baptisms 1903-1907£2.00
T34Royston St. John's Baptisms 1908-1911£2.00
T60Royston St. John's Burials 1813-1847£2.50
T57Royston St. John's Burials 1847-1879£2.00
T58Royston St. John's Burials 1880-1898£2.00
T54Royston St. John's Burials 1898-1906£2.00
T59Royston St. John's Burials 1906-1921£2.50
Ryhill St. James Parish Records
T69Ryhill St. James Baptisms 1876-1900£2.00
T70Ryhill St. James Baptisms 1900-1913£2.00
Sandal St Catherine's Parish Records
V39Sandal St Catherine's Baptisms Aug 1878-1883£3.50
V40Sandal St Catherine's Baptisms 1884-1890£3.50
V41Sandal St Catherine's Baptisms 1891-1896£3.50
V42Sandal St Catherine's Baptisms 1897-Feb 1902£3.50
V07Sandal St Catherine's Baptisms 1902-1915£2.50
V08Sandal St Catherine's Marriages 1878-1903£2.50
Sandal Magna - St. Helen's Parish Records
P18Sandal Bishop's Transcripts 1598-1631£2.50
P19Sandal Bishop's Transcripts 1632-1639£2.50
P60Sandal Baptisms Marriages & Burials 1651-1667£2.50
P61Sandal Baptisms Marriages & Burials 1667-1681£3.00
P62Sandal Baptisms Marriages & Burials 1682-1698£3.00
R16Sandal Baptisms 1726-1776£3.00
R71Sandal Baptisms 1776-1812 (A to J)£2.00
R72Sandal Baptisms 1776-1812 (K to Z)£2.00
S65Sandal Baptisms 1813-1821£2.00
S66Sandal Baptisms 1822-1833£2.00
S73Sandal Baptisms 1834-1845£2.50
S74Sandal Baptisms 1846-1857£2.50
S86Sandal Baptisms 1857-1873£2.50
S87Sandal Baptisms 1874-1888£2.50
S88Sandal Baptisms 1889-1910£2.50
R18Sandal Marriages 1726-1754 and Sandal Dissenters' Births Marriages and Deaths 1726-1757£2.50
S24Sandal Marriages 1837-1841£2.50
S25Sandal Marriages 1842-1847£2.50
R17Sandal Burials 1726-1775£2.50
R70Sandal Burials 1776-1812£2.50
P20Sandal Burials 1813-1843£2.50
P21Sandal Burials 1843-1863£2.50
T05Sandal Burials 1863-1881£2.50
T06Sandal Burials 1881-1892£2.00
T35Sandal Burials 1892-1911£2.50
Sharlston St. Luke's Parish Records
T08Sharlston Baptisms 1887-1903£2.00
V01Sharlston Baptisms 1903-1914£2.00
V29Sharlston Burials 1892-1917£2.00
South Kirkby All Saints' Parish Records
R89South Kirkby Baptisms 1620-1713£3.00
Stanley St. Peter's Parish Records
R05Stanley Baptisms 1824-1847£2.50
R80Stanley Baptisms 1847-1855£2.00
R81Stanley Baptisms 1855-1865£2.50
S93Stanley Baptisms 1865-1875£2.50
S94Stanley Baptisms 1876-1885£2.00
T15Stanley Baptisms 1885-1894£2.50
T16Stanley Baptisms 189 -1901£2.50
T17Stanley Baptisms 1902-1908£2.50
S01Stanley Marriages 1837-1856£2.50
S02Stanley Marriages 1857-1866£2.50
R06Stanley Burials 1824-1852£2.00
R75Stanley Burials 1852-1874 (A to J)£2.00
R76Stanley Burials 1852-1874(K to Z)£2.00
Thornes Christ Church Parish Records
P36Thornes Christ Church Baptisms 1876 - 1892£2.00
P37Thornes Christ Church Baptisms 1892 - 1906£2.00
P38Thornes Christ Church Marriages 1876 - 1906£2.00
P39Thornes Christ Church Marriages 1906 - 1915£1.50
P40Thornes Christ Church Marriages 1915 - 1921£1.50
P41Thornes Christ Church Marriages 1922 - 1929£1.50
Thornes St Jame's Parish Records
P09Thornes St James Burials 1831-1864£2.50
P10Thornes St James Burials 1864-1906£3.00
P11Thornes St James Burials 1906-1923£1.50
P12Thornes St James Burials 1924-1943£2.00
P13Thornes St James Burials 1943-1956£1.50
P46Thornes St James Baptisms 1831-1857£2.50
P47Thornes St James Baptisms 1858-1895 (A to J)£2.50
P48Thornes St James Baptisms 1858-1895 (K to Z)£2.50
P49Thornes St James Marriages 1838-1861£3.00
P50Thornes St James Marriages 1861-1898£3.00
P51Thornes St James Marriages 1898-1913£2.00
P52Thornes St James Marriages 1914-1929£2.00
Thornhill St. Michael & All Angels Parish Records
S11Thornhill Baptisms 1743-1812 (A to J)£3.00
S12Thornhill Baptisms 1743-1812 (K to Z)£2.50
P55Thornhill Baptisms 1813-1827£2.50
P56Thornhill Baptisms 1827-1838£2.50
P57Thornhill Baptisms 1839-1851£2.50
P63Thornhill Baptisms 1851-1863£3.00
P64Thornhill Baptisms 1863-1875£3.00
P65Thornhill Baptisms 1875-1895 (A to K)£2.50
P66Thornhill Baptisms 1875-1895 (L to Z)£2.50
R07Thornhill Baptisms 1895-1905£2.00
R93Thornhill Marriages 1754-1776£1.50
S08Thornhill Banns & Marriages 1776-1787£3.00
R98Thornhill Marriages 1788-1799£2.00
R99Thornhill Marriages 1800-1812£2.00
T01Thornhill Banns of Marriage 1787-1805£2.50
T02Thornhill Banns of Marriage 1806-1822£2.50
R88Thornhill Banns of Marriage 1906-1915£2.00
S09Thornhill Banns of Marriage 1918-1931£2.50
P69Thornhill Burials 1813-1840£2.50
P70Thornhill Burials 1840-1867£3.00
P71Thornhill Burials 1867-1892£3.00
P74Thornhill Burials 1892-1917 (includes pit disaster 1893)£2.50
R92Thornhill Burials 1917-1929£2.00
S03Thornhill Burials 1936-1950£2.50
Thorpe Wesleyan Methodist Chapel Records
V04Thorpe Baptisms 1894-1913£1.50

Parish Records W-Z

Parish Records & Church Registers W
Wakefield Cathedral (All Saints) Parish Records
P01Wakefield All Saints (Wakefield Cathedral) Bishop's Transcripts 1600-1604£2.50
P79Wakefield All Saints (Wakefield Cathedral) Baptisms 1613-1622£3.00
P80Wakefield All Saints (Wakefield Cathedral) Baptisms 1622-1631£3.00
P81Wakefield All Saints (Wakefield Cathedral) Baptisms 1631-1640£3.00
R40Wakefield All Saints (Wakefield Cathedral) Baptisms 1640-1645£2.50
R41Wakefield All Saints (Wakefield Cathedral) Baptisms 1646-1653£2.50
S96Wakefield All Saints (Wakefield Cathedral) Baptisms 1653-1660£2.50
S97Wakefield All Saints (Wakefield Cathedral) Baptisms 1660-1666£2.50
S98Wakefield All Saints (Wakefield Cathedral) Baptisms 1666-1674£2.50
T93Wakefield All Saints (Wakefield Cathedral) Baptisms 1674-1684£2.50
T94Wakefield All Saints (Wakefield Cathedral) Baptisms 1684-1692£2.50
T95Wakefield All Saints (Wakefield Cathedral) Baptisms 1692-1701£2.50
S77Wakefield All Saints (Wakefield Cathedral) Baptisms 1701-1710£2.50
S78Wakefield All Saints (Wakefield Cathedral) Baptisms 1710-1718£2.50
S79Wakefield All Saints (Wakefield Cathedral) Baptisms 1718-1724£2.50
S80Wakefield All Saints (Wakefield Cathedral) Baptisms 1724-1731£2.50
T44Wakefield All Saints (Wakefield Cathedral) Baptisms 1731-1738£2.50
T45Wakefield All Saints (Wakefield Cathedral) Baptisms 1738-1745£2.50
P92Wakefield All Saints (Wakefield Cathedral) Baptisms 1764-1781 (A to K)£2.50
P93Wakefield All Saints (Wakefield Cathedral)Baptisms 1764-1781 (L to Z)£2.50
P53Wakefield All Saints (Wakefield Cathedral) Baptisms 1782-1796 (A to K)£2.50
P54Wakefield All Saints (Wakefield Cathedral) Baptisms 1782-1796 (L to Z)£2.50
P26Wakefield All Saints (Wakefield Cathedral) Baptisms 1796-1811 (A to I)£3.00
P27Wakefield All Saints (Wakefield Cathedral) Baptisms 1796-1811 (J to Z)£3.00
R34Wakefield All Saints (Wakefield Cathedral) Baptisms & Burials 1811-1812£2.00
R53Wakefield All Saints (Wakefield Cathedral) Baptisms 1813-1819 (A to J)£2.50
R54Wakefield All Saints (Wakefield Cathedral) Baptisms 1813-1819 (K to Z)£2.50
S69Wakefield All Saints (Wakefield Cathedral) Baptisms 1819-1822£2.50
S70Wakefield All Saints (Wakefield Cathedral) Baptisms 1823-1826£2.50
S76Wakefield All Saints (Wakefield Cathedral) Baptisms 1826-1831£3.00
S84Wakefield All Saints (Wakefield Cathedral) Baptisms 1831-1834£2.50
S85Wakefield All Saints (Wakefield Cathedral) Baptisms 1835-1837£2.00
T18Wakefield All Saints (Wakefield Cathedral) Baptisms 1837-1843£2.50
T23Wakefield All Saints (Wakefield Cathedral) Baptisms 1843-1847£2.50
T24Wakefield All Saints (Wakefield Cathedral) Baptisms 1848-1852£2.50
T38Wakefield All Saints (Wakefield Cathedral) Baptisms 1852-1857£2.50
T39Wakefield All Saints (Wakefield Cathedral) Baptisms 1858-1863£2.00
T42Wakefield All Saints (Wakefield Cathedral) Baptisms 1863-1868£2.50
T43Wakefield All Saints (Wakefield Cathedral) Baptisms 1869-1874£2.50
T83Wakefield All Saints (Wakefield Cathedral) Baptisms 1874-1878£2.50
T84Wakefield All Saints (Wakefield Cathedral) Baptisms 1879-1885£3.00
T74Wakefield All Saints (Wakefield Cathedral) Baptisms 1869-1873£2.50
T75Wakefield All Saints (Wakefield Cathedral) Baptisms 1869-1872£2.50
T76Wakefield All Saints (Wakefield Cathedral) Baptisms 1869-1871£2.50
P83Wakefield All Saints (Wakefield Cathedral) Marriages 1613-1641£3.00
R42Wakefield All Saints (Wakefield Cathedral) Marriages 1641-1653£1.50
S13Wakefield All Saints (Wakefield Cathedral) Marriages 1653-1674£2.50
T73Wakefield All Saints (Wakefield Cathedral) Marriages 1674-1703£2.00
S30Wakefield All Saints (Wakefield Cathedral) Marriages 1730-1746£2.00
T87Wakefield All Saints (Wakefield Cathedral) Marriages 1746-1754£1.50
S64Wakefield All Saints (Wakefield Cathedral) Marriages 1754-1760£2.50
T90Wakefield All Saints (Wakefield Cathedral) Marriages 1766-1770£2.50
T91Wakefield All Saints (Wakefield Cathedral) Marriages 1771-1774£2.00
T96Wakefield All Saints (Wakefield Cathedral) Marriages 1774-1776£2.50
T97Wakefield All Saints (Wakefield Cathedral) Marriages 1777-1779£2.50
V15Wakefield All Saints (Wakefield Cathedral) Marriages 1779-1782£2.50
V16Wakefield All Saints (Wakefield Cathedral) Marriages 1783-1786£3.00
V17Wakefield All Saints (Wakefield Cathedral) Marriages 1787-1790£3.00
V18Wakefield All Saints (Wakefield Cathedral) Marriages 1791-1793£2.50
V22Wakefield All Saints (Wakefield Cathedral) Marriages 1793-1796£2.50
V23Wakefield All Saints (Wakefield Cathedral) Marriages 1797-1800£2.50
V24Wakefield All Saints (Wakefield Cathedral) Marriages 1801-1804£2.50
V25Wakefield All Saints (Wakefield Cathedral) Marriages 1805-1809£2.50
V26Wakefield All Saints (Wakefield Cathedral) Marriages 1810-1812£2.50
V31Wakefield All Saints (Wakefield Cathedral) Marriages 1837-1838£2.50
V32Wakefield All Saints (Wakefield Cathedral) Marriages 1839£2.50
V33Wakefield All Saints (Wakefield Cathedral) Marriages 1840£2.50
V34Wakefield All Saints (Wakefield Cathedral) Marriages 1841£2.50
V35Wakefield All Saints (Wakefield Cathedral Marriages 1842£2.50
V36Wakefield All Saints (Wakefield Cathedral) Marriages 1843£2.50
V37Wakefield All Saints (Wakefield Cathedral Marriages 1844)£2.50
R01Wakefield All Saints (Wakefield Cathedral) Burials 1613-1621£2.50
R02Wakefield All Saints (Wakefield Cathedral) Burials 1621-1628£3.00
R03Wakefield All Saints (Wakefield Cathedral) Burials 1628-1634£2.50
R04Wakefield All Saints (Wakefield Cathedral) Burials 1634-1641£2.50
R43Wakefield All Saints (Wakefield Cathedral) Burials 1641-1645£2.50
R44Wakefield All Saints (Wakefield Cathedral) Burials 1646-1653£2.50
S14Wakefield All Saints (Wakefield Cathedral) Burials 1653-1660£2.50
S15Wakefield All Saints (Wakefield Cathedral) Burials 1660-1667£2.50
S16Wakefield All Saints (Wakefield Cathedral) Burials 1667-1674£3.00
S31Wakefield All Saints (Wakefield Cathedral) Burials 1731-1739£2.50
S32Wakefield All Saints (Wakefield Cathedral) Burials 1739-1746£2.50
T65Wakefield All Saints (Wakefield Cathedral) Burials 1746-1753£2.50
T66Wakefield All Saints (Wakefield Cathedral) Burials 1753-1759£2.50
T67Wakefield All Saints (Wakefield Cathedral) Burials 1760-1766£2.50
R46Wakefield All Saints (Wakefield Cathedral) Burials 1766-1781 (A to K)£2.00
R47Wakefield All Saints (Wakefield Cathedral)Burials 1766-1781 (L to Z)£2.00
S53Wakefield All Saints (Wakefield Cathedral) Burials 1782-1796 (A to J)£2.00
S54Wakefield All Saints (Wakefield Cathedral) Burials 1782-1796 (K to Z)£2.00
S40Wakefield All Saints (Wakefield Cathedral) Burials 1796-1811 (A to J)£2.00
S41Wakefield All Saints (Wakefield Cathedral) Burials 1796-1811 (K to Z)£2.00
R58Wakefield All Saints (Wakefield Cathedral) Burials 1813-1823£2.50
T49Wakefield All Saints (Wakefield Cathedral) Burials 1823-1826£2.00
T50Wakefield All Saints (Wakefield Cathedral) Burials 1827-1832£2.00
T55Wakefield All Saints (Wakefield Cathedral) Burials 1832-1836£2.00
T56Wakefield All Saints (Wakefield Cathedral) Burials 1837-1840£2.00
T63Wakefield All Saints (Wakefield Cathedral) Burials 1840-1845£2.50
T64Wakefield All Saints (Wakefield Cathedral) Burials 1846-1849£2.50
T85Wakefield All Saints (Wakefield Cathedral) Burials 1849-1854£2.00
T86Wakefield All Saints (Wakefield Cathedral) Burials 1855-1864£2.00
Wakefield Holy Trinity Parish Records
R49Wakefield Holy Trinity Baptisms 1843-1880£3.00
R50Wakefield Holy Trinity Baptisms 1880-1905£3.00
Wakefield St. Andrew's Parish Records
R90Wakefield St Andrew's Baptisms 1845-1889 (A to K)£2.00
R91Wakefield St Andrew's Baptisms 1845-1889 (L to Z)£2.00
R74Wakefield St Andrew's Baptisms 1889-1897£2.00
T68Wakefield St Andrew's Baptisms 1897-1913£3.00
V02Wakefield St Andrew's Burials 1848-1887£1.50
Wakefield St. John's Parish Records
P42Wakefield St John’s Baptisms 1795-1812£3.00
P82Wakefield St John’s Baptisms 1813-1823£2.50
R57Wakefield St John’sBaptisms 1823-1829£2.00
S26Wakefield St John’s Baptisms 1830-1836£2.00
S27Wakefield St John’s Baptisms 1837-1843£2.50
S49Wakefield St John’s Baptisms 1843-1859 (A to J)£2.50
S50Wakefield St John’s Baptisms 1843-1859 (K to Z)£2.50
S62Wakefield St John’s Baptisms 1859-1868£2.00
S63Wakefield St John’s Baptisms 1869-1877£2.00
S81Wakefield St John’sBaptisms 1877-1887£2.00
S82Wakefield St John’s Baptisms 1888-1897£2.00
S99Wakefield St John’s Baptisms 1897-1910£2.50
P43Wakefield St John’s Burials 1795-1812£2.00
P44Wakefield St John’s Marriages 1795-1812 (A to J)£2.50
P45Wakefield St John’s Marriages 1795-1812 (K to Z)£2.50
R37Wakefield St John’s Burials 1813-1827£2.00
T28Wakefield St John’s Burials 1827-1845£2.50
S28Wakefield St John’s Burials 1845-1865 (A to J)£2.50
S29Wakefield St John’s Burials 1845-1865 (K to Z)£2.00
Wakefield St. Mary's Parish Records
R55Wakefield St Mary’s Baptisms 1845-1875 (A to K)£2.50
R56Wakefield St Mary’s Baptisms 1845-1875 (L to Z)£2.50
R66Wakefield St Mary’s Baptisms 1875-1893£2.50
R67Wakefield St Mary’s Baptisms 1893-1905£2.00
Wakefield St. Mary's Chantry Chapel on the Bridge
P07Wakefield Chantry Chapel Baptisms 1855-1870£2.00
Wakefield St. Michael's Parish Records
S19Wakefield St Michael’s Baptisms 1862 -1871£2.00
S39Wakefield St Michael’s Baptisms 1871-1878£2.00
S20Wakefield St Michael’s Baptisms 1878-1884£2.50
S21Wakefield St Michael’s Baptisms 1885-1892£2.50
S51Wakefield St Michael’s Baptisms 1892-1910 (A to K)£2.00
S52Wakefield St Michael’s Baptisms 1892-1910 (L to Z)£2.00
Wakefield Westgate Unitarian Chapel - Church Records
P84Wakefield Unitarian Chapel Baptisms 1761-1789£2.50
P85Wakefield Unitarian Chapel Baptisms 1790-1835£2.50
P86Wakefield Unitarian Chapel Burials 1785-1835£1.50
Wakefield West Parade Wesleyan Chapel - Church Records
R25Wakefield Wesleyan Chapel Baptisms 1838-1899 (A to K)£2.50
R26Wakefield Wesleyan Chapel Baptisms 1838-1899 (L to Z)£2.50
R27Wakefield Wesleyan Chapel Burials 1829-1870£2.50
R28Wakefield Wesleyan Chapel Interments 1829-1915 (A to I)£2.00
R29Wakefield Wesleyan Chapel Interments 1829-1915 (J to Z)£2.50
Wakefield Zion United Reformed Church - Church Records
P06Wakefield Zion United Reform Church Marriages 1838-1852 and Burials 1783-1853£3.00
R15Wakefield Zion United Reform Church Baptisms 1782-1852£3.00
Warmfield St. Peter's Parish Records
P75Warmfield Baptisms Marriages & Burials 1702-1730£3.00
P76Warmfield Baptisms Marriages & Burials 1730-1757£3.00
P77Warmfield Baptisms 1758-1812£2.00
T37Warmfield Baptisms 1813-1843£2.00
S67Warmfield Baptisms 1843-1868£2.00
S68Warmfield Baptisms 1869-1880£2.00
S59Warmfield Baptisms 1880-1891£2.00
S75Warmfield Baptisms 1891-1908£2.00
P78Warmfield Burials 1758-1812£1.50
T20Warmfield Burials 1813-1859£2.00
NEWV47Warmfield St Peter’s Marriages and Banns 1811-1837£3.50
Woolley St. Peter's Parish Records
S22Woolley Baptisms Marriages & Burials 1651-1685£2.50
S23Woolley Baptisms Marriages & Burials 1686-1737£2.50
S06Woolley Baptisms 1737-1812£2.50
R51Woolley Baptisms 1813-1867£1.50
P95Woolley Baptisms 1867-1905£2.00
S05Woolley Marriages 1737-1753 & Burials 1737 - 1812£1.50
T19Woolley Marriages 1754-1805£2.00
S07Woolley Burials 1813-1885£2.00
T04Woolley Burials 1885-1953£2.00
Wragby St Michael and Our Lady Parish Records
T21Wragby Baptisms 1783-1812£1.50
T36Wragby Baptisms 1813-1839£2.00
T32Wragby Baptisms 1839-1871£2.00
T22Wragby Baptisms 1871-1898£2.00
T92Wragby Baptisms 1898-1913£1.50
T71Wragby Burials 1783-1812£2.00
T77Wragby Burials 1813-1868£2.00
T78Wragby Burials 1868-1910£2.00
Wrenthorpe St. Anne's Parish Records
S17Wrenthorpe St. Ann’s Baptisms 1874-1890£2.00
S18Wrenthorpe St. Ann’s Baptisms 1890-1908£2.50
Wrenthorpe Methodist Church Parish Registers
S48Wrenthorpe Methodist Baptisms 1867-1906£1.50
V47Warmfield, Kirkthorpe. Marriages and Banns 1811-1837

Monumental Inscriptions

Monumental Inscriptions
G01Wakefield All Saints (part) Monumental Inscriptions£1.50
G02Thornhill St. Burial Ground Wakefield Monumental Inscriptions£2.50
G03St Helen's Church Sandal Section 1 Plots 1 - 688 Monumental Inscriptions£3.00
G04St Helen's Church Sandal Section 1 Plots 689 - 1455 Monumental Inscriptions£3.00
G05St. Helen's Church Sandal Sections 2A 3 4C and 4E Monumental Inscriptions£3.00
G06St. Helen's Church Sandal Sections 5D 5F and 6 Monumental inscriptions£3.00
G07St. Helen's Church Sandal Sections 7 7P and 8 Monumental Inscriptions£3.00
G08St. Helen's Church Sandal Sections 9 and 10 Monumental Inscriptions£3.00
G09St. Helen's Church Sandal Sections 11 and 12 Monumental Inscriptions£3.00
G10St. Helen's Church Sandal Sections 14 and 14CH Monumental Inscriptions£3.00
G11St. Helen's Church Sandal Index of Names and Plot Location Plans Monumental Inscriptions£2.00
G12Horbury Cemetery Sections A and B Monumental Inscriptions£2.50
G13Horbury Cemetery Sections C and D Monumental Inscriptions£2.50
G14Horbury Cemetery Sections E and F Monumental Inscriptions£2.50
G15Horbury Cemetery Sections G and H Monumental Inscriptions£3.00
G16Horbury Cemetery Sections I and J Monumental Inscriptions£2.00
G17Woolley St Peter's Monumental Inscriptions£2.50

West Riding Quarter Sessions Indictments

West Riding Quarter Sessions Indictments
Q01West Riding of Yorkshire Quarter Sessions Indictments 1903 - 1906£2.00
Q02West Riding of Yorkshire Quarter Sessions Indictments 1898 - 1903£2.50
Q03West Riding of Yorkshire Quarter Sessions Indictments 1892 - 1898£2.50

Other Publications

Other Publications
No Title£
Directories, Gazeteers etc.
E01William White's History Gazetteer & Directory of Pontefract 1837£2.00
E02William White's History Gazetteer & Directory of Wakefield 1837£2.50
E03A Parish Index of Towns & Villages in the Wakefield Area£1.00
E04Pigots Directory of Tradespeople & Craftsmen Wakefield Area 1834 including Alverthorpe Hemsworth Horbury Ossett Sandal Magna etc£2.00
E05Pigots Directories of Tradespeople & Craftsmen Pontefract Castleford & Knottingley 1834£2.00
E06Pigots Directories of Tradespeople & Craftsmen Wakefield Town 1834£2.50
E14Tradespeople of Horbury (Directories 1822-1936)£3.00
E15Tradespeople of Outwood Newton Lofthouse Gate & Wrenthorpe (Directories 1904-1936)£2.00
E16Tradespeople Stanley cum Wrenthorpe including Outwood Newton & Lofthousegate (Directories 1830-1867)£2.50
E17Tradespeople Stanley cum Wrenthorpe including Outwood Newton & Lofthousegate to 1904 (Directories 1875-1936)£2.50
Protestation, Recusant etc. Records
E09Protestation Returns 1641 Wakefield includes Alverthorpe Stanley & Thornes£2.50
E10Catholic Recusants of the West Riding of Yorkshire 1558-1790 (West & South) Includes the Wapentakes of Agbrigg and Morley Osgoldcross Staincliffe Staincross and Strafforth and Tickhill£3.00
E11Catholic Recusants of the West Riding of Yorkshire 1558-1790 (Northeast) Includes the Wapentakes of Barkston Ash Claro Skyrack and Liberties of Ainsty and Ripon£3.00
E12Bishop Leyburn's Catholic Confirmations in Yorkshire 1687£2.50
E19Yorkshire Priests 1558 - 1813 (An Index of Roman Catholic Priests in the County of Yorkshire 1558-1813)£2.00
E20Families Communicants & Souls in Wakefield 1723 (An Account of the families communicants and souls in Wakefield Town and Parish 1723)£2.00
E211801 Census of Sandal Magna£1.50
E221811 Census of Sandal Magna£1.50
E231821 Census of Sandal Magna£1.50
Institution Log Books
E28South Ossett Christ Church Extracts from the Vicars Log Book 1851-1964 (Including the Formation of the Parish)£3.00
E33Alverthorpe National School Log Book 1862-1866£3.50
E34Alverthorpe National School Log Book 1867-1869£4.00
E35Alverthorpe National School Log Book 1869-1897£3.00
E36Alverthorpe National School Log Book 1897-1918£3.50
E37Alverthorpe Board School Log Book 1900-1919£3.50
E40 NEWHorbury House of Mercy Log Book extracts 1908-1914£3.50
E41 NEWHorbury House of Mercy Log Book extracts 1914-1917£2.50
Tithe Award Schedules. Plans can be seen on the website here.
E29Alverthorpe Tithe Award 1845£1.50
E30Crigglestone Tithe Award 1843£2.00
E31Stanley Tithe Award 1846£2.00
E32Thornes Tithe Award 1847£1.50
E13West Riding Poll Book 1835 (Wakefield Polling District) the names of voters and how they voted£3.00
E27Wakefield and District Wills & Administrations (Admons) 1585-1594£2.50
E38 NEWOssett Holy Trinity, Index of Grave Owners 1876-1891£4.50
E39 NEWOssett Holy Trinity, Index of Grave Owners 1892-1907£4.50
E07'The Millennium Letters' by Maureen Hambrecht£1.00
E24'Bits & Bobs' by Maureen Hambrecht Oddities in Family History£2.00
E25'More Bits & Bobs' by Maureen Hambrecht Another selection of Oddities£2.00
E26'Further Bits & Bobs' by Maureen Hambrecht More odd and amusing snippets£2.00
E18Wakefield and district Family History Society Members' Interests 2006£2.50