New regulations under the Data Protection Act (1998) come into force in May 2018. Because of this we need to inform members about;
a) what personal information we keep, how and why it is kept,
b) members’ right to have their information deleted,
c) details of any personal information shared with someone else,
We need to ask all members for permission to keep their information.

What do we hold?
Name, address, telephone number, email address, details of membership subscriptions paid.

How do we hold the information?
Information is stored in two separate computer databases which are password protected. A hard copy is kept in a separate location.

Why do we hold the information?
Details of members are essential for running the Society. We need to prepare mailing lists, to send “The Wakefield Kinsman”, to send out membership reminders and to inform members of forthcoming events.
Records of subscription payments are needed for preparation of the Society’s accounts and for submission of Gift Aid returns to HMRC.

Deletion of personal information.
If a member wishes for his/her information to be deleted from our records, the member should inform the Membership Secretary and the information will be permanently deleted. This will mean that the member will cease to receive the benefits of membership. If a member does not renew, all personal information will be deleted six months after the end of the year, unless we are required by HMRC to keep the information.

Sharing of personal information.
We usually publish name and address of members in the “New Members” section of the Kinsman. Please sign the renewal form if you agree to this.
A member’s personal information will not otherwise be passed to a third party for any reason unless that member has given specific permission.

Permission to keep personal information
Please sign the membership renewal form as indicated to confirm that the Society may keep your personal information as set out above.
If you pay by Standing Order and do not return the renewal form, please send an email to the Membership Secretary stating;

“I agree to my personal information being kept by the Wakefield & District Family History Society and published in the “New Members” section of the Kinsman”